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TC3 International Students Application

To submit an application to our school, please complete the following form and select Submit Application.

There is a fee of $50.00 associated with this application.

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Permanent Residents and US Citizens should NOT complete the International Students Application. You should complete the TC3 US Citizen Online Application .

Personal Information

Please enter your information as it appears on your passport

Address Information

*Permanent Address - your address in your home country
Local Address - address you may have within the United States

    Postal Address Information

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    2. New York State Residents - Please select the county you reside in.

    Address Verification:

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Contact Information

Email Address is required. Click "Add More" button to add more than one phone.

  1. Phone Type Country Phone Number Primary
Demographic Information
Ethnicity and Race Information
  1. Are you of Hispanic/Latino ethnicity or descent? Yes No
    Select one or more races with which you identify yourself:
    American Indian or Alaska Native
    Black or African American
    Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Citizenship Information

Permanent Residents and US Citizens should NOT complete the International Students Application. You should complete the TC3 US Citizen Online Application.

Government Information

Please upload a copy of ID page of passport or official photo government ID. Use the Add Attachments Section at the end of this application process.

  1. Calendar
Academic Information

Please indicate the year and term you plan to attend TC3. Please select a Program that best desctibes your desired course of study.

Note: Click here to go to the Online College Catalog to view more information about TC3 programs and degrees.
Tips for international students application

  1. Program Commitment

Check for more information.

  1. Interests
Test Scores

Please upload/attach your English placement(IELTS/TOEFL/Accuplacer) test results in the next step of this application. English proficiency is required to process your admissions application.
Note: If you choose Accuplacer please select "Untimed Writing" and enter your average of all three scores.

  1. Test Type Score Date Taken
Emergency Contacts

Your Education History

Please indicate the high school you attended most recently. Click the "Add Another School" link to the right to add additional schools and colleges you have attended since high school.
Note: International High Schools will not have an ETSor FICE code, please ignore.
Translation Note: All transcripts must be translated (INSERT LINK HERE - WHAT EVER IT IS?)

  1. Degrees


    1. Search For High School/College

You must be able to show at least $29,000.00 in financial support or sponsorship for tuition and living expenses for year. Note: All funding sources must have original documentation, i.e.,letters of support, award letters, bank statements.

School Policy
  1. By checking this box I verify that I have listed all colleges/universities that I have attended in the past


    I certify that the information on this application was provided voluntarily and is accurate to the best of my knowledge. Select "I accept" to confirm that you have read and fully understand the terms and conditions set forth in our Application Policy

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