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TC3 Online Application for US Citizens and Permanent Residents

Tompkins Cortland Online Application for US Citizens and Permanent Residents

If you have any problems submitting an application please email TC3 Admissions Department.

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Personal Information
  1. *Social Security numbers are only required for students who plan to also apply for financial aid.
    Must be a valid U.S. Social Security Number! Numbers only, no dashes or spaces!
Address Information

Please enter your Permanent address. If not a US citizen or permanent resident please complete the international student application here: TC3 International Students Application

Contact Information

Email Address is required. Click "Add More" button to add more than one phone. ENTER NUMBERS ONLY in the Phone Number field, the numbers you enter will automatically format for entry.

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Demographic Information
Ethnicity and Race Information (optional)
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    Select one or more races with which you identify yourself:
    American Indian or Alaska Native
    Black or African American
    Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Academic Information

Please indicate the year and term you plan to attend TC3. Please select a Program that best desctibes your desired course of study.

  1. Program

Check for more information.

  1. Interests
Emergency Contacts

Your Education History

Please indicate the high school you last attended, even if you withdrew and/or received a G.E.D. Click the “Add Another School” link to the right to add additional school and colleges you have attended since high school. Please make sure to list every educational institution that you have ever attended or may have received a grade from in the past. ALL TRANSCRIPTS MUST BE OFFICIAL AND SENT TO THE ADMISSIONS OFFICE AT TC3.

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School Policy
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    *I understand that this application cannot be processed if its has not been completed according to the instructions, and that any falsification or omission of data may result in denial of admission or dismissal. All submitted is true to the best of my knowledge. With this signature, I authorize the release of my transcript(s) to TC3 for admission and placement purposes. Application Policy

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