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CHEM108 - General Chemistry II
This course is a more thorough study of basic principles than CHEM 102. Topics covered include solutions, chemical equilibrium, acids and bases, electrochemistry, organic chemistry, thermodynamics, and kinetics. Laboratory experiments relate to the lecture topics, and are of a quantitative nature. Laboratory experiments are hands-on, wet-lab, performed in a traditional chemistry lab under supervision of a chemistry professor. Substantial outside preparation for the laboratories is required. A student may only apply credit earned in CHEM 102 or CHEM 108 toward degree requirements. PREREQUISITES: CHEM 107; RDNG 099 if required by placement testing; ENGL 099 or prior completion or concurrent enrollment in ESL 120, 121, and 122 (or prior completion of ESL 103) if required by placement testing. 4 Cr. (3 Lec., 2 Lab.) Spring semester.

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