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OFFC230 - Office Management & Admin Internship
The internship is an opportunity for students to gain work experience directly related to the field of office management/administration. Students spend eight hours per week in an office either on campus or in an area business. This experience allows them to apply the skills and knowledge gained in Office Management/Administration courses. In the classroom part of the course, students develop a resume, analyze their personality and work habits, strengthen weak areas of personality and work habits, study job-seeking strategies, learn how to negotiate salaries, and learn techniques on interviewing. Mock interviews are given. The classroom portion of the course is analyzed and evaluated through the completion of a portfolio that students develop as the semester progresses. At the end of the course, students submit a report evaluating their experience in the internship office. Prerequisites: OFFC 101; OFFC 110; OFFC 203; OFFC 211; ENGL 101; CAPS 121; CAPS 131; MATH 095 and RDNG 116 if required by placement testing; prior completion or concurrent enrollment in CAPS 123 and CAPS 141. 3 Cr. (1 Lec., 8 Lab.). Occasionally.

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