Tompkins Cortland Community College

COMM240 - Non Fiction & Fiction Field Production

This course is an intermediate-level fiction/non-fiction production course that emphasizes the production skills, storytelling concepts, and the legal and ethical framework for successful documentary and short story productions. Also covered are different stylistic approaches to the genre and concepts related to the video maker's "voice" within his or her work. The aesthetic focus is on creative authorship, personal vision, and the exploration of strategies and methods for transforming vision into reality. The technical focus is on increasing sophistication and skill within specific areas of field production: sound recording, camera work, lighting, production planning, and computer-based nonlinear editing systems. Short projects are completed. Prerequisites: COMM 111; COMM 140; prior completion or concurrent enrollment in ENGL 101. 3 Cr. (2 Lec., 2 Lab.) Fall and spring semesters.