Tompkins Cortland Community College

NURS208 - Art & Sci of Nursing Across the Lifespan

Utilizing and building upon previously-learned critical thinking skills and habits of mind, nursing concepts, and clinical skills, the student learns to apply nursing process, caring behaviors, and therapeutic communication to the care of clients across a variety of settings, particularly those with alterations in Gordon's functional health patterns of sexuality/reproduction, cognition/perception, and elimination. The student applies clinical judgment to providing evidence-based nursing care, with emphasis on factors that create uniqueness in client situations, including family, culture, and psychosocial and physiologic life-span challenges, as well as tertiary prevention. Consideration is also given to legal and ethical issues in nursing, including NYS Mandated Reporter Child Abuse training. Course experiences provide an active learning environment in a variety of settings. Students must be admitted to the nursing program to enroll in this course. Course requires basic computer skills, including keyboarding, word processing, email and internet use, and use of Blackboard, a course management system. Prerequisites: All courses required in the first two semesters of the nursing program; C or better grade in BIOL 131 and BIOL 132. 10 cr. (6 Lec., 12 lab.) Fall semester.