Tompkins Cortland Community College

PARA220 - Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning

The drafting of wills and trusts and the administration of estates are a unique combination of art and science. Artistically speaking, the creative use of legal technology and techniques provides a vehicle for a client to literally speak from the grave and dictate control over his or her assets after death. At the same time, the detailed practice and procedural requirements of state and federal statutes give a scientific atmosphere in which the estate practitioner must operate. In this course, paralegal majors become familiar with both aspects of this subject in order that they will be able to competently assist the attorney in the practice of Trust and Estate Law. Prerequisites: MATH 090 and RDNG 116 if required by placement testing; ENGL 101; C or better grade in BUAD 201, PARA 101, and PARA 130. 3 Cr. (3 Lec.). Fall and spring semesters.