Tompkins Cortland Community College

PARC231 - Paralegal Seminar

This is the final semester capstone course for all paralegal studies certificate majors. Students apply what they have learned in paralegal courses, and learn how a paralegal functions at work. Taken concurrently with PARC 230 Paralegal Internship, legal ethics (both attorney and paralegal), law-office management skills (including a technological update and specific computer applications), interviewing, and job placement skills are covered. Discussion topics involve the full range of work in a law office, with an emphasis on the tasks each student is engaged in while completing the internship. Ethical consideration will be a key part. Co-requisite: PARC 230. Prerequisites: Paralegal Studies certificate major; C or better grade in PARC 130, BUAD 201, PARC 205, PARC 210, PARC 215, and PARC 220, and instructor permission. Up to three prerequisite courses may be taken concurrently. 3 Cr. (3 Lec.). Fall and spring semesters.