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Criteria: Course Code = 'ECHD*'


Early Childhood Elective
Lecture This course is used in the evaluation of transfer credits.  
Children and the Arts
Ind Study, Lecture This course is a study of the creative arts processes in visual art, drama, literature, music, and movement for students preparing...  
Introd to Early Childhood Education
Ind Study, Lecture Cross-listed as HUMS 125. This course focuses on the functioning of the total child, stressing the importance of early childhoo...  
Infant/Toddler Environments & Curriculum
Ind Study, Lecture Focuses on the education and care of infants and toddlers. The course examines the principles of planning a developmentally approp...  
Early Childhood Curriculum Development
Ind Study, Lecture Cross-listed as HUMS 225. Introduces and examines recent research in the field of early childhood development and uses it to de...  
Tech for Observing & Rec Young Child Dev
Ind Study, Lecture Designed to acquaint early childhood students with the observation techniques they need to become thoroughly familiar with how chi...  
Guided Field Work - Early Childhood Educ
Internship, Lecture This course is designed to provide early childhood students with an advanced hands-on experience in an early childhood setting. St...  
Guided Field Work Early Child Honors
Internship, Lecture This honors course is designed to provide members of the early childhood academy with an advanced hands-on experience in an early ...