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Criteria: Course Code = 'ENGL2*'


Dist Learning-Web, Ind Study, Laboratory, Lecture, Prerequisite This course introduces students to the fundamentals of developing and writing screenplays for film and television. Story analysis,...  
Fundamentals of Speech
Ind Study, Lecture, Prerequisite Fundamentals of Speech is designed to aid in developing effective oral communication techniques. The course consists of the study ...  
Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communicat
Dist Learning-C & W, Dist Learning-Web, Ind Study, Lecture This course is an introduction to the basic principles of interpersonal communication. Theoretical perspectives are presented and ...  
American Literature I
Ind Study, Lecture, Prerequisite This course examines the foundation and development of the literature of the United States from the Colonial period through Transc...  
American Literature II
Dist Learning-Web, Ind Study, Lecture This course traces the traditions and innovations in American literature from the time of Mark Twain to the present day. Class ses...  
Short Fiction
Dist Learning-Web, Lecture, Prerequisite This course focuses on a critical discussion of short stories, covering a broad range of forms and techniques. American, British, ...  
Advanced Screenwriting
Dist Learning-Web, Lecture, Prerequisite This course explores the use of traditional three-act narrative structure and alternative narrative structures in the feature-leng...  
Smart TV
Lecture, Prerequisite Cross-listed as SOCI 218. The social sciences study relationships between individual perceptions and behaviors and social and h...  
Literature for Children
Dist Learning-Web, Ind Study, Lecture, Prerequisite Literature for Children presents a study of the poetry and prose available for children from preschool through junior high school....  
World Literature I
Dist Learning-Web, Lecture, Prerequisite Covers reading and analysis of master works of world literature from the Greeks and the Hebrews through the time of the Renaissanc...