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Introduction to Paralegalism
Dist Learning-Web, Lecture An examination of the role of paralegals in the legal system, with a particular emphasis on the New York State court system. Topic...  
Legal Research and Drafting
Dist Learning-Web, Lecture Students develop an understanding of legal research and legal writing. Topics include statutes, case law, drafting and writing pro...  
Litigation/Civil Procedure
Dist Learning-Web, Lecture The objective of this course is to develop students' understanding of the basic concepts, rules and principles (as well as some of...  
Real Estate/Property Law
Dist Learning-Web, Lecture Students develop an understanding of real estate and property law in general and with respect to the paralegal's function. Topics ...  
Constitutional Law
Dist Learning-Web, Lecture This course is a survey of issues involving U.S. Constitutional Law, including the particulars and history of the Constitution and...  
Family Law/Domestic Relations
Dist Learning-Web, Lecture Designed for upper level paralegal majors, students acquire an understanding of the basic concepts, rules and principles, as well ...  
Legal Aspects of Evidence
Dist Learning-Web, Lecture, Prerequisite Cross-listed as CRJU 215/PARA 216 The course emphasizes constitutional and procedural considerations affecting arrest, search a...  
Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning
Dist Learning-Web, Lecture The drafting of wills and trusts and the administration of estates are a unique combination of art and science. Artistically speak...  
Criminal Law and Procedure
Dist Learning-Web, Lecture This course introduces the paralegal student to topics, issues and procedures that a paralegal deals with working in a criminal la...  
Dist Learning-Web Topics covered are terminology, US Bankruptcy Code, fact and case analysis, pleadings and documents, procedures and remedies, bank...