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Criteria: Course Code = 'SPAN*'


Spanish Elective
Lecture This course is used in the evaluation of transfer credits.  
Occupational Spanish
Lecture, Prerequisite Provides basic foreign language tools necessary for effective and service-oriented employment. Students develop communication and ...  
Beginning Spanish I
Ind Study, Lecture, Prof. Exam Designed for students with no background in Spanish, the course focuses on the essentials of Spanish grammar and the vocabulary ne...  
Beginning Spanish II
Ind Study, Lecture, Prof. Exam, Prerequisite Building on the skills and knowledge mastered in SPAN 101, students continue to learn the essentials of Spanish grammar and the vo...  
Special Topics in Spanish
Lecture A special topic(s) course, identified by discipline and a 149 or 249 course number, addresses experimental or short-lived subject ...  
Intermediate Spanish I
Ind Study, Lecture, Prerequisite This is an intermediate Spanish course focusing on speaking, reading, writing and listening comprehension. Grammar learned in firs...  
Intermediate Spanish II
Ind Study, Lecture This is a continuation of Intermediate Spanish I. Major emphasis is placed on helping students to improve their oral communication...  
Hispanic Literature and Culture I
Ind Study, Lecture Structured around advanced conversation and composition, oral and written analysis of the literature and culture of Spain and Lati...  
Hispanic Literature and Culture II
Ind Study, Laboratory, Lecture As a continuation of SPAN 280, this course is designed to further develop students' knowledge and understanding of important eleme...