Tompkins Cortland Community College

ART  Discipline Courses


Course SubTypes Description
Art History: Ancient to Early Medieval
ART 101
Ind Study, Lecture This course is a survey of representative works of art through Prehistory and Prehistoric Art in Europe to Early Medieval Art. The...
Art History: Renaissance to Contemporary
ART 102
Lecture This course is a survey of representative works of art from the Renaissance to the 21st century. The course is designed to develop...
History of Photography and Video
ART 104
Lecture Students examine the creative works and evolving technologies that contributed to the development and popularization of photograph...
Introduction to Photojournalism
ART 106
Lecture, Prerequisite This introductory-level photography course emphasizes photojournalism and the digital workflow. Students explore the full potentia...
Introduction to Graphic Design
ART 109
Lecture This course serves as an introduction to the strategies, tools, and practices used in graphic design. Students learn to apply the ...
Design I
ART 110
Lecture Introduces the basic visual vocabulary of two-dimensional design and provides a variety of experiences addressing the creative app...
Photography I
ART 111
Ind Study, Learning Community, Lecture Photography I provides students with the skills needed to accurately expose and develop film and make black and white prints in a ...
Photography II
ART 112
Lecture A continuation of the study of black and white photography as a technical craft and an expressive artistic medium. Topics include ...
Design II
ART 114
Ind Study, Lecture Focuses on three-dimensional design and the application of advanced color theory. Topics include color organizational systems, vis...
Painting I
ART 115
Lecture, Prof. Exam Painting I provides an introduction to the methods and techniques of various painting media. Principles of color, form, and compos...