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BUAD Discipline Courses


Course SubTypes Description
Business Elective
Lecture This course is used in the evaluation of transfer credits.
Entrepreneurship I
Ind Study, Lecture Designed to provide a basic foundation of entrepreneurship, the course presents a general overview of what it takes to create a ne...
Business Mathematics
Dist Learning-C & W, Dist Learning-Web, Lecture, Prof. Exam, Prerequisite Designed to develop a thorough understanding and mastery of the arithmetic processes of business, with an emphasis on the applicat...
Foundations of Business
Dist Learning-Video, Dist Learning-Web, Ind Study, Lecture Designed to present an overview of the field of business. Business concepts including the economy, competition, management, and la...
Sales and Sales Management
Ind Study, Lecture Presents an overview of the key elements involved in selling and sales management in order to develop students' understanding of t...
Personal Money Management
Lecture This course addresses finance at a personal and practical level. Students examine current economic conditions focusing on how they...
International Business
Dist Learning-Web, Ind Study, Lecture Introduces students to the international perspective necessary for businesses to succeed in world markets. Topics related to inter...
Business Law I
Dist Learning-Web, Ind Study, Lecture Covers the basic origins, structure, procedures and terminology of the American legal system and the foundation of law. This cours...
Business Law II
Dist Learning-Web, Ind Study, Lecture This course continues the study of American business law begun in BUAD 201 - Business Law I. Students develop an understanding of ...
Business Communications
Lecture, Prerequisite Introduces fundamental concepts and techniques of effective communications in business with emphasis on writing business letters, ...