Tompkins Cortland Community College

ELEC Discipline Courses


Course SubTypes Description
Electrical Technology Elective
Lecture This course is used in the evaluation of transfer credits.
Intro to Electrical Engineering Apps
Lecture : Designed for students with interest in Electrical Engineering Technology, the course focuses on establishing basic mathematical...
Digital Electronics I
Dist Learning-Web, Ind Study, Lecture An introduction to digital electronics. Basic digital concepts such as binary arithmetic and Boolean algebra are introduced and co...
Circuit Analysis
Ind Study, Lecture This course is designed to extend the topics covered in ELEC 126 (Basic Electricity) to AC circuits. Phasor mathematics and comple...
Fundamentals of Electricity
Lecture This course provides the fundamental prerequisite theory and laboratory experience to begin studies in electronics subject areas. ...
Electronic Devices and Circuits
Laboratory, Lecture An introduction to analog electronic circuit elements and their operating characteristics. Components used are bipolar transistors...
Fabrication Techniques
Ind Study, Lecture This course is designed to teach and practice the basic procedures and skills required for circuit and chassis layout, design, and...
Digital Electronics II
Laboratory, Lecture, Prerequisite A continuation of the fundamental concepts discussed in ELEC 121, addressing specific digital technologies such as flip-flops, cou...
Microcontroller Fundamentals
Laboratory, Lecture Complete coverage of microcontroller assembly language instruction set, including hardware interfacing. All logical operations and...
Digital Electronics
Lecture Digital Electronics is the foundation of computer systems and automated manufacturing. This course provides the theory and hands-...