Tompkins Cortland Community College

ENVS Discipline Courses


Course SubTypes Description
Environmental Studies Elective
Lecture This course is used for transferring in credits from other colleges.
Introduction to Environmental Science
Learning Community, Lecture This course explores the biological dimensions of natural-resource management issues. A basic introduction to evolutionary and eco...
Technology and the Environment
Ind Study, Learning Community, Lecture This course examines the technological aspects of resource problems. Topics include air and water pollution, traditional and alter...
Environmental Ethics
Lecture This humanities course will function as a framework for analyzing the belief systems that underlie environmental controversies and...
Economy, Society, & the Environment
Lecture Cross-listed as POSC 107. This course is a survey of environmental problems viewed from an economic standpoint. It will analyze...
Environmental Psychology
Lecture Cross-listed as PSYC 108. A review of various topics and concerns regarding our environment, human behavior, the power of plac...
Food Systems I: Intro U.S. Food System
Lecture What is a Food System? How does our U.S. Food System work? Who gets to eat the food produced each day and how does it get there?...
Food Systems II: Food Movements
Lecture The prevailing food system is unsustainable. From production systems that degrade the environment to distribution systems that are...
Food Sys III: Identity, Ethics, Culture
Ind Study, Lecture This course explores the many ways in which our personal and cultural identities are linked to food; investigates the ethical choi...
Soil Science
Lecture This course will explore the physical, chemical, biological, hydrologic, and ecological aspects of agricultural soils. Students in...