Tompkins Cortland Community College

FITN Discipline Courses


Course SubTypes Description
Fitness Elective
Laboratory This course is used in the evaluation of transfer credits.
Swimming I
Laboratory Designed for students with little or no swimming ability. Students learn fundamental skills such as bobbing, prone and back glides...
Swimming II
Laboratory The objective of this course is refinement of basic strokes (front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, and sid...
Racquetball, Handball & Squash
Ind Study, Laboratory This course introduces students to three parallel games with an emphasis on learning through activity. The course is designed to e...
Modern Dance
Laboratory This is a diversified study of the fundamentals of modern dance, and a combination of dance movement, theory, and imagination. Oth...
Scuba Diving
Laboratory Introduction to the basic concepts of safe scuba diving. Students learn elementary scuba techniques and safety practices while par...
Adult Recreation and Fitness
Dist Learning-Web, Ind Study, Laboratory This course operates on an independent study basis and follows the physical fitness guidelines established by the President's Coun...
Skiing and Snowboarding
Laboratory Covers skiing and snowboarding instruction for all levels from the beginner to the advanced. Classes are held at Greek Peak. Addit...
Water Safety Instruction
Laboratory, Lecture This course is designed to train instructor candidates to teach the Infant and Preschool Aquatics Program, the seven levels of a L...
Tennis I
Laboratory Designed to teach the fundamentals of tennis, specifically to new tennis players. Instruction includes supervised practice session...