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HLTH Discipline Courses


Course SubTypes Description
Health Elective
Lecture No course description available
Medical Terminology
Lecture Cross-listed as NURS 104. Using a body systems approach, students enrich their understanding of basic medical terminology by le...
Health and Fitness
Dist Learning-Web, Ind Study, Lecture Students closely examine the elements of health and health-related components of physical fitness in this introductory course. Pla...
Therapeutic Touch: Massage Techniques
Lecture Cross-listed as NURS 135. This course covers massage techniques to address common and specific health concerns such as pain/str...
First Aid and Safety Education
Ind Study, Lecture This is a study of the typical injuries, illnesses, and emergency situations received in workplace, recreation, home and community...
Personal Health
Dist Learning-Web, Ind Study, Lecture This course isolates some of the most perplexing health-related problems, and provides opinions, data, and facts to help students ...
Drug Studies
Dist Learning-C & W, Dist Learning-Web, Lecture This course deals with current problems, views, and attitudes concerning psychoactive drugs and their usage. Students explore the ...
Alcohol and Alcoholism
Dist Learning-Web, Lecture This course is a basic study of the drug alcohol and the disease alcoholism. All facets of the subject are discussed, including th...
Consumer Health Issues
Dist Learning-Web, Lecture, Prerequisite This course offers students the opportunity to explore health care delivery systems, and the roles of caregivers from historical, ...
World Health Problems
Lecture Major causes of morbidity and mortality around the world are analyzed and discussed in the context of socio-economics, culture and...